My First EN Post

I recently joined the Empower Network and made my first blog post.  It is not what I expected (and that’s a good thing.)  I avoided the Empower Network since I first saw it advertised in 2011; the reason being that I convinced myself that what they had claimed just wasn’t possible.  I didn’t even sign up on the squeeze page because it sounded so good and I didn’t want another disappointment. (Any of you who have done business on-line for any length of time know what I mean.) Only when my online mentor and another blogger I trust joined and gave it the thumbs up did I fill out the little box on the squeeze page.

Anyway, I’ve made my first EN Blog post.  That blog will have a much more personal character than here at Tickle Hill.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to leave a comment here at Tickle Hill or on the EN post


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