On-Line Book Marketing

If you’ve just published a book, or are thinking about publishing a book, you’ll soon realize that the author is the book’s primary marketer.  Often times, you are the only marketer. Many will tell you to schedule book signings and visit book clubs. Those are good ideas.  You will sell books doing those things, but that is a problem for many of us.  We creative types tend to be introverts.  The thought of public speaking and meeting a bunch of people just doesn’t appeal to us.   While I do recommend going to the book clubs and book signings anyway, I realize that some have to build up to that.  For those who aren’t ready for the spotlight, and those that just want a few more ways to market your book, here are three effective and simple ways to market your work.

A great free way for self-publishers to get exposure for your book or offer is to join forums that are in your niche.  In most forums, you are allowed to place a “signature” in your profile that is automatically added when you finish a post.  Add a link to your signature that leads to the site you want to send them to.  Each time someone reads your post, they will see your signature link.  Make certain that your posts have substance.  If you just say “great post” or leave generic comments you won’t get many clicks.  To find a forum, do an internet search using your subject and the word forum.

What are you doing right now?  You are reading an informative article on a subject that interests you.  How did you find it?  Most likely you linked from another site or this came up in an internet search.  That is the essence of article marketing.  It provides useful knowledge to those with questions.  By writing articles on your niche or subject you establish yourself as an authority. After all, we are writers aren’t we?  Doesn’t it make sense to use our writing skills to market our work? Use the resource box that the article submission site provides to put in your bio and link to your blog, book, or offer.  Just remember that the article you write must give quality information.  Bad articles will get you nowhere.

Ezines are an oft missed gem of advertising.  There are literally thousands of ezines and newsletters on the web, each with a highly targeted Audience.  If you have a book about woodworking, there is a woodworking and craft ezine for you.  If you have a weight loss book or product, there is a weight loss and dieting ezine.  The vast majority of these sell both solo ads and classified ads.  Email the publisher for availability and rates.

There is another goldmine that people miss with ezines. While the techniques written about in this article are effective, this tip alone makes the time you spent reading worth it.  Remember those articles you wrote for article marketing?  You can develop a relationship with the publisher of an ezine in your market, and then submit articles for publication in their ezine. Of course you include links to you work, product, or squeeze page. Think of it, a large segment of your target audience seeing you as an authority and a convenient link to click so they can learn more.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I hope you do schedule the book signings and meetings with book clubs.  People are the ones who buy our books.  But, if you need some time to work up to that, try the three methods.  You’ll be pleased with the results.

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