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If you’ve been on line any time at all, you’ve seen all kinds of wanna be mentors and coaches. While some are outright frauds, many more are honest and well meaning, but just really don’t have the ability to help you.

One man I have found that truly stands out from the crowd is named Charlie Page. He has developed a remarkable online business. Below is one of his articles that he graciously allows me to use.
Five Ways To Earn More Now Using Email
(c) Charlie Page

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and
bustle of everyday life and forget to do those basic
things that create real results in our lives.

While posting video and Twittering are all fine and
good, we MUST use the basic and proven methods of
marketing if we want to survive and thrive.

And email marketing is one of those basics, one you
might be overlooking right now.

It is undeniable that the MOST powerful form of
marketing online today is email marketing.

If you look at any major product launch you will see
they are done with email marketing.

Video might be replacing long written sales letters (it
is) but nothing will replace email. In fact, every
sales letter you see that is done with video contains
that ever-present “sign up for the next video” box for
you to fill in.

And then it’s the email follow up that sells us on
taking action.

I know you know this because you, like me, get all
those “act now” messages!

So now the questions is this – how can YOU use ethical,
permission based email marketing to promote the
products or programs that will help YOU earn a full
time living online?

Use this short checklist to ensure that you are taking
full advantage of the power of email and, by so doing,
making time your ally, not your adversary.

Fast, easy, and free, the consistent use of email in
the follow five areas will yield powerful results for

Whether it’s a simple as a one-time ‘thank you’ or as
elaborate as a 50 message follow up system, customers
love to know you care.

At a minimum, send one message thanking customers for
every order.

To power up this idea, create a follow up system using
your favorite autoresponder (www.aweber.com
www.sendfree.com) and offer your customer more chances
to buy.

Keep messages short and they will always be welcome.

Do you offer a product that takes a bit of learning to
use? Most products do take a bit of instruction to

Teach your customers how to get the benefits they
deserve from your product or service via email.

Keep messages on topic and separate your follow up
series into bite-size learning pieces. These follow up
messages can bring your refund rate to near zero … a
good thing indeed.

How often do *you* buy the first thing you see?

Comparison shopping is the way of the Internet, and
getting prospective customers to return to your site is
the challenge.

A pre-sale series is the answer!

This is actually very easy to do. Just write down the
top ten reasons why someone should buy from you, then
put each in a follow up message. Send one a day until
they are all delivered.

Offer the series to everyone who visits your site and
let time do the selling work for you!

Our experience has been that up to 60% of visitors will
take your free information if you do a good job of
selling the idea.

Use email to deliver insider information on special
bargains, limited time pricing, and more.

Much like a coupon sheet in your local newspaper,
selling advertising in this type of email is a breeze.

The idea here is simple – YOU do the research and prove
the value of products and then report on that to people
on the list.

When they buy they buy from YOUR affiliate link and
everyone wins!

Want to know THE secret to building a loyal mailing
list? Give the people what they want!

People love offbeat news, especially when it has a
connection to their lives.

For the *best* example of this on the Net today visit
http://www.thisistrue.com You’ll love it!
More ideas about how to use email to sell more could

* Announce Special Events
* Do A JV With Someone Whose Product Compliments Yours
* Sell A Message In Your Follow Up Series
* Teach Affiliates How To Sell More FOR You
* Create A Discussion To Research Your Next Product

Email is everywhere and tremendously effective. But it
can be one of those methods that gets overlooked in the
rush to find the Next Big Thing.

Don’t fall into that trap – make sure your email
marketing is rock-solid and then experiment all you
want with web X.0 as time allows.

Start to USE email in your business today and I can
*guarantee* you will make more money with less effort
in the months to come.

And THAT is a beautiful thing!

Charlie Page helps people succeed online with products
that educate combined with personal experience

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