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Octomom Back on Welfare

Nadya Suleman (Better Known as Octomom) is going back on welfare.

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Zany News from North Korea

Ever wonder what the news is like in a country like North Korea?  Well, take a look at the top 10 facts from that whacky place

North Korea top 10



How to get people to share your links for free

Selling over the internet is tough.  Who do you trust?  How much should you advertise?  How should you advertise?

The questions go on.

Here is a post from another one of my blogs that tells about a great tool that you can use everyday for free.

Free Tool

With this tool, people will share your links on their social networking accounts.

It doesn’t matter which niche you are in.

Yes, there is a paid version, but with the free version you can try it and see how effective it is for yourself.

Go check it out.  There is more info on the other blog post.


How To Stop the Spambots from Harvesting Your Email Address!

How To Stop the Spambots from Harvesting Your Email Address!
Copyright ©Vector Central Marketing

It is an outrage how many methods have to be implemented in
order to avoid the obnoxious and illogical practices of
spammers! But they have become a constant in online business
and we have to do our best to avoid them and continue the
battle against them!

Have you asked these questions: “Why do unwanted emails keep
coming? How do these intruders get my email addresses?” The
Answer: They “take” them!

One way in which email addresses are harvested is through
the method of software programs that send out robots and
literally grab email addresses from websites. Anywhere that
you have posted your email addresses (without methods given
below), those addresses are open for the taking by these
email-address-collecting robots.

Can you unsubscribe from these unrequested lists? As you
have probably experienced, with some lists you can forget
about being unsubscribed no matter how many times you try!
Plus, unsubscribing can show them that you are a live
recipient and your spam mail can increase from the very
action of trying to unsubscribe.

Some of these intruders give statements like: “…as long as
a way is given to unsubscribe, this can not be considered
spam.” However, those of us who are against unwanted mail,
and if we did ‘not’ opt-in to a subscription list, believe this:
“If I did not subscribe to a list, then it is spam and an
unwanted invasion!”

There are several methods that we have researched and we
feel they will greatly assist you in knowing how to avoid
your email address from being harvested from your website.

>>METHOD #1 – Mailto Tags:
Don’t use “mailto:” in your HTML pages or on your viewable
pages, which means do ‘not’ make your address linkable.
Most spambots are searching for “mailto:” tags to harvest
email addresses off of websites.

Solution: change the font and the font size for the “@” symbol.
This will alter the html coding and ensure that your email
address will not be harvested.

Remember: Do ‘not’ make your email address clickable on
HTML website pages.

>>METHOD #2 – Text Method:
You can instruct your website visitor how to copy and paste,
then change – then remove spaces…
vectorcentral [at]
Be Sure to Replace [at] with: @
Remove Spaces
Drawback: Too difficult for the website visitor, subscriber,
or customer.

>>METHOD #3 – Submission Forms:
Provide convenient forms on your web site and remove
all email links. Link to pages where your contact forms
can easily be found. To prevent seeming impersonal to
your visitors and customers, explain why you do not
give your email address and inform them that when you
reply to their comments, then they will have your
address for future reference. For example: “In order to
avoid email-collecting robots, we have provided this
contact form instead of email links. When we reply to
your feedback, you will then have our email address for
future correspondence…”
A Great (and free) submission form service is JotForm:

IMPORTANT About Submission Forms:
If you are using the following “revisit” meta tag in
the headers of your pages to help the search engines
find your website pages, be sure to ‘remove’ this from
any pages that have submission forms. Otherwise, your
spam will excessively increase because the spamming
robots also look for this:
<meta name=”revisit” content=”15 days”>

Never give your email address to an online directory
that will post it online. It can be harvested from
there and from any website where you enter your email
address to be publicized.

In Link Exchanges, inform the other website owner to
“not” post your email address. Or if they do, give them
one of the methods above, like Method #2.

Always Protect Your Email Address and Your Website!

May your day be blessed!
Vector Central Marketing

Copyright ©Vector Central Marketing

Happy Thanksgiving

Today in the US it is the holiday of Thanksgiving.  To all the readers of Tickle Hill Publishing, please know that I am grateful for you as a reader, subscriber, customer, or future customer.  May you and your loved ones have all the blessings that life has to offer.


Blog List Building

If you read the pages of Tickle Hill Publishing or get any of our emails, you know I think a lot of Charlie Page and what he has shared with internet marketers over the years. I am a member of both the Directory of E-zines and Follow Up Selling Systems and highly recommend both. Here is an article that Charlie wrote not too long ago that describes some ways to list building. Let me know if you like the article.

My First EN Post

I recently joined the Empower Network and made my first blog post.  It is not what I expected (and that’s a good thing.)  I avoided the Empower Network since I first saw it advertised in 2011; the reason being that I convinced myself that what they had claimed just wasn’t possible.  I didn’t even sign up on the squeeze page because it sounded so good and I didn’t want another disappointment. (Any of you who have done business on-line for any length of time know what I mean.) Only when my online mentor and another blogger I trust joined and gave it the thumbs up did I fill out the little box on the squeeze page.

Anyway, I’ve made my first EN Blog post.  That blog will have a much more personal character than here at Tickle Hill.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to leave a comment here at Tickle Hill or on the EN post


Some Questions Internet Marketers should Ask

When we start making money on the internet, there are some questions that we all should ask ourselves. One of the big problem when we start is that we don’t really know the questions that we should ask. These two articles give insight into some things you may not have thought about.

“The Answer to the Original Make Money On-Line Question” get you focused on the one question that every Internet Marketer has to answer for their customer.

“The Questions You Should be Asking” focuses on Social Media and what is practical for you as an Internet marketer.

Please let me know if you like the articles. I welcome your comments.

Welcome to THP

Check Out our pages above to find the information you need.  All of our post are listed as sub-categories of the above pages  Just for Authors and Internet Marketing Info.  Enjoy your visit and feel free to come back anytime!  Here at the Tickle Hill Publishing blog, We’re always open!